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4 QUICK Steps on how to soft reset iPhone 8 [2023]

How to soft reset iPhone 8

After the guide on how to soft reset iPhone 7, was now time to turn our focus to the iPhone 8. Soft resetting the iPhone 8 to get it working normal again.



soft restart iphone 8

For an iPhone 8 and 8 plus that has been around for since 2017 September, it normal for the device to freeze, glitch, the camera become unresponsive sometimes.



The good thing is when these issues occur on your iPhone 8 and 8 Plus you can always look to a soft reset option. And it works, brings the phone back to it normal state.

Okay so here is how to get your iPhone into soft reset mode




how to do a soft reset on iPhone 8

  • Step #1: I assume you have your iPhone 8 or 8 Plus in your hands.


  • Step #2: Quickly press the Volume Down button, then the Volume Up Button Note that you’re not to hold them together. Just press these buttons one after the other.


  • Step #3: Now Press and Hold the Power Button for at least 10 seconds. While holding the Power button you will see on the screen “Slide to power off” ignore that and continue holding the power button.


  • Step #4: After that 10 seconds of holding the power button, you should see the Apple Logo Now its time to release the power button and let the phone do the rest while you wait.


  • Now the soft reset is done, you should see the Home Page Screen now.

What it’s doing is, the phone is clearing or setting any issue the iPhone may have faced before you made a soft reset.




What will a soft reset do to my iPhone?

A soft reset particular is to get the iPhone back into the normal state it was in. This procedure is a “refresh” for the iPhone to get it working again. Keep in mind that this will not delete or clear any of your iPhone’s data.



What does a force restart do to an iPhone 8?

To force reset or restart your iPhone 8 hold down and press the Power button + the volume down button together for some few seconds. Doing this puts your iPhone in a soft reset mode

How do I reset my iPhone 8 with power button?

Press the volume up button, then immediately let go. Press the volume down button, then immediately let go. Long-press the side button. Release the side button once you see the Apple logo.


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