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2 Quick Steps on How to AirPlay to Firestick from iPhone [2023]

how to airplay to firestick

Looking for how to airplay to firestick from your iPhone? This post will cover detailed steps on how you can mirror airplay to firestick from your apple device mostly the iPhone. Okay, before we proceed to the steps, you will need to download an app from the Fire TV Apps Store.




airplay to firestick

here is how you can airplay to amazon fire stick from your iPhone


How to download the App

  • Step #1: Get your Fire Stick TV Remote


  • Step #2: Press the “Home Button” and head to the home screen


  • Step #3: Move the cursor to find, then to “Search” press enter to select


  • Step #4: Search the App called “Air Screen” and download it


  • Step #5: After downloading, wait for a few seconds for the app to install on the TV


  • Step #6: Wait for the app to open after installing, then “click” on confirm to proceed


  • Step #7: You should be presented with a QR Code, now get your apple device


  • Step #8: Open the camera and scan the QR Code


  • Step #9: A notification should pop up immediately after the QR Code is scanned, Tap to open it


  • Step #10: This should sync the apple device and Firestick TV


Now that we are done with downloading and installing the app for the firestick mirror, let us focus on the main topic.

before that, it’s important to know that if you’re using an iPhone with a home button; to get the screen mirror feature you will have to swipe up.  And those using the iPhones and iPads without the home button will also have to swipe down.




how to airplay to firestick
How you can mirror airplay to firestick

how to mirror iPhone to firestick

  • Step #1: Now that you know the type of apple device, you’re with and how to get the screen mirroring feature.


  • Step #2: On the screen mirroring menu, you should see a list of discovered devices, Locate the one with the name “AS” and tap on it to begin


  • Step #3: At this step, you should give the app a few seconds to get connected.


  • Step #4: And that’s it, you should be able to Airplay to the firestick from your apple device now.





Can I AirPlay to Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes you can connect apple device such as the iPhone, iPad, Mac to your amazon fire stick. With a few steps to follow, you can mirror your iPhone to amazon fire stick tv


Can I mirror my iPhone to Fire Stick without Wi-Fi?

Well since mirroring from your iPhone to fire stick tv will require both devices connected on the same network. You cannot mirror the iPhone to fire stick tv without internet on the 2 devices.



How do I AirPlay my iPhone to my Fire Stick?

Well to do this, you will need to install an App on the Fire Stick TV and get both devices connected on the same network. Set up the screen mirroring from the iPhone and a few steps to follow and you’re done.

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