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How to change AirPod name on Android [2023]



Change AirPod name

How to change AirPod name on android smartphones, maybe you’re used to the current AirPod name and want something different? Or that AirPod is named of someone you don’t want to remember;


whatever the case is you can change the name. In this article, I will take you through a series of steps that will help you to change or remain the name on your AirPod right from your android smartphone.


Now lets move to that part where you will change the AirPod name on your android device or smartphone.




How to change AirPod name on Android

Okay since we are about to change the name of the AirPod on the android device, the AirPod should already be connected to your android and if it has not been connected you need to get your AirPod connected or paired to your android now.



Here’s how to change the AirPod name

  • Step #1: The first step here is to get your android phone or device ready and close to you



  • Step #3: Head to your device setting on the android phone


  • Step #4: Locate the Bluetooth setting and tap to open it


  • From the list, you should see all Bluetooth devices that are connected or have to paired with the android device


  • Step #5: Scroll through the list and locate your AirPod among them


  • Step #6: Tap it to open after you have located your AirPod


  • Step #7: On your right corner, there should be an icon like an Asterix (*)


  • Step #8: Tap it and locate the rename icon just at the lower left corner.


  • Step #9: Delete the name already there and type in your preferred name and save it.


  • That’s it. You have successfully changed your AirPod name on Android.


You noticed changing or renaming your AirPod name isn’t a difficult task.




Why can’t I change my AirPods name?

If you’re asking why can’t I change my AirPods name its because you’re having difficulty in changing your AirPods name. The steps I have giving above should a bit of help to take you through changing your AirPods name.


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