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Personalize Your AirTags: How to Change Their Names [2024]


Change Airtag name

Are you tired of the generic name assigned to your AirTags? Do you wish to give them a personal touch and make them your own?

You’re in luck, then! In just a few easy steps, you can quickly and easily change the name of your AirTags.


You can quickly distinguish your AirTags and more effectively keep track of what you have by giving them distinctive names.


There is no longer any question as to which Airtag goes with which item. Okay, do you want to know how to change Airtag name but don’t know how to go buy it? Alright, no need to worry now.


You have been thinking about changing your Apple Airtag name and wondering about how to go by it for some time now. The thing is, you’ve probably done some searching and could not find that detailed information for you to finally get the Airtag name renamed.


I’d say you should be a happy person now, as this article goes straight to the point on how you can achieve that without having to stress yourself out getting it done.




Important of changing your AirTags name


  • Differentiation: It is simpler to distinguish between different AirTags when they have personalized names.


  • Quick Identification: Locating certain devices on the Find My app may be made simpler by titles that are clear and short.


  • Personalization: AirTags with unique or humorous names may give your device a distinctive personality.





how to change AirTag name

follow the steps to change or rename your Airtag

  • Step #1: Now get your Airtag close to you


  • Step #2: On your iPhone menu, locate “Find My App” and tap it to open


  • Step #3: Tap on the Airtag to rename


  • Step #4: Swipe up on the Airtag menu


  • Step #5: Tap on “Rename Item” on the bottom


  • Step #6: After the rename item is opened, you will be showed with a list of things to choose from if you prefer a default name but if you’d like a custom name


    • Step #7: Tap the field below to add your custom name


    • Step #8: after you’re done with setting your custom name, tap “Done” to save it.




    how to change the name of multiple AirTags


    • Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.


    • Tap on the “Items” tab at the bottom of the screen.


    • Press and hold one of the Airtag names you want to rename until the context menu appears.


    • Tap on “Rename” and enter the new name you want to use.


    • Tap on “Done” to save the new name.


    • Repeat the above steps for each additional Airtag you want to rename.



     Transfer Airtag ownership

    here is how you can transfer apple Airtag ownership;


    • Open the Find My app on your iPhone or iPad.


    • Tap on the “Items” tab at the bottom of the screen.


    • Select the Airtag that you want to transfer ownership of.


    • Tap on “Remove Item” at the bottom of the screen


    • Confirm that you want to remove the Airtag.


    • The original owner of the Airtag needs to reset it by holding down the button on the Airtag until it makes a sound


    • The new owner can now set up the Airtag by bringing it close to their iPhone or iPad and following the instructions.


    These methods make it simple to change the owner of an Airtag from one person to another.

    It’s crucial to remember that the original owner must reset the Airtag before the new owner may set it up.




    Creative and useful Airtag names to choose

    Here are some of the creative and useful names you can choose for your Apple AirTags. you can always choose different ones but this is just to help you get the idea.

    • Wanderlust – for your travel backpack or suitcase.


    • Snack Attack – for your lunchbox or snack bag.


    • Sneaker Tracker – for your running shoes.


    • Beach Bum – for your beach bag.


    • Bookworm – for your book bag or e-reader case.


    • Water Warrior – for your water bottle.


    • Tool Time – for your toolbox or tool bag.


    • Music Maven – for your instrument case.


    • Camera Companion – for your camera bag.


    • Garden Guardian – for your gardening tools.





    Can you rename your Airtag?

    Yes, you can rename or give any name you have in mind for your Airtag. You simply have to follow the steps above to rename your Apple Airtag device now



    Can an Airtag have multiple owners?

    unfortunately, Apple Airtag device can only have one owner tracking it. the device restrict to only one user per an Airtag


    How long does Airtag battery last?

    According to Apple, your AirTag device can last for more than a year and the battery’s can be easily replace when the need rise. The good thing is, your iPhone will notify you if the battery health is bad and when its time to get a new one.


    How do I reset my Airtag to a new owner?

    Press down on the back of the Airtag and rotate counterclockwise
    separate the Airtag into to halves remove the battery and put it back in, press down on the back until you hear a sound repeat the process for about 5 times to completely reset the Airtag



    Can you transfer ownership of an Airtag?

    No, Apple does not allow the transfer of owner but you can always reset it then give it out who you want to.


    Can you put an Airtag in your car?

    Yes you can, since the Airtag is a tracking device it can be placed in a vehicle to keep it in your sight. Also be noted of where you put it in the car due to the small size of the Airtag.



    Can Airtag be connected to different Apple ID?

    Yes, you can connect Airtag to a different ID when the previous owner removes their Apple ID first then you can associate your ID with the device.


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    How do I customize my Airtag name?

    How do you customize your Airtag name to your own preference? This piece of article has outlined the few steps to go through to customize your own Airtag.



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