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Never Run Out of Power: How to check Battery on AirPods on Android [2024]


AirPods battery life

It’s 2024, and we can’t even talk about how Apple’s AirPods have become a popular choice for wireless earbuds, among many others.

The designers of the earbud intentionally did it for Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad, MacBook, etc. 


Most Android smartphone users have also come to like this device for many reasons, such as its sound quality and the convenience the Apple AirPods offer.


However, Android smartphone users cannot fully enjoy the AirPods because they were designed to work perfectly with Apple devices, not the other way around.


This has made it difficult to check the battery life of the AirPods when connected to Android smartphones.





how to check battery on AirPods on android

Checking the battery percentage or level on iPhone or any Apple device is different and easy. Apple has made it so that checking your AirPods and the case battery level for their product is easy.



You simply have to open your connected AirPod close to your Apple device, and you’re shown all the necessary information about your battery.


But when it comes to Android, it is a different issue, and we understand it. AirPods were not made by android but by Apple.


There are ways to the accomplished little task of checking your AirPod battery level on Android phones, and this article will show you how to do that.





Why you need to monitor your AirPods Battery on Android

take note of these to keep an eye on your AirPods battery.

  • Always make it a habit to charge the AirPods in their case when you’re not using them at that very moment.


  • If you plan on using it for prolonged hours, kindly get it to fully charge before.


  • Always make sure to put it to charge when the battery has been exhausted, at least for a few minutes, to get enough power to keep on.


  • Use a third-party app like AndroPods to always check the battery life of your AirPods. 


  • Use the AirPods case itself as a battery indicator. When the case is fully charged, the LED light will be green. When the case is low on battery, the LED light will be orange.





Compatibility of AirPods with Android devices


  • AirPods, originally designed for seamless integration with Apple devices, have gained popularity among Android users due to their superior sound quality and convenience. While AirPods are primarily optimized for use with Apple devices, they are still compatible with Android devices to a certain extent.



  • However, it’s important to note that just because Android users can connect to AirPods doesn’t mean they have all the features available to them. These features—automatic ear detection, Siri integration, and seamless device switching—are not fully supported on device devices, sadly.


  • Despite these limitations, Android users can still benefit from using AirPods as a high-quality audio accessory. By understanding the compatibility boundaries and focusing on core functionality, Android users can enjoy the wireless freedom and excellent sound experience that AirPods provide.






Requirements needed  for AirPods and Android device


  • Android 5.0 or higher: make sure you’re using the latest Android OS version for the app to work on your phone.


  • Bluetooth 4.0 or higher: for the Bluetooth version, 4.0 is perfect, or any other version that works will be needed to get the AirPods connected to the Android device.


  • Get your AirPods: Finally, you will need the AirPods ready to use battery monitoring features.




how to check AirPod battery on android

Since there’s no support coming from Apple concerning checking your AirPod battery on android, we will look at the Google Play Store for options.

  • Step #1: Now open your Google Play store


  • Step #2: Type in “AirPod battery” in the search bar



  • Step #4: Choose “AndroPods” and install on your phone


  • Step #5: After you have installed the app, open it.


  • Step #6: You will be provided with some options on the app


  • Step #7: First select your AirPod “model.”


  • Step #8: Then tap on “Activate service,” and you should see the app notification


  • Step #9: Drag down the notification menu to see your AirPod battery levels


When you close your AirPod, the app is disconnected from the device.



To connect again,

  • Open the AirPods and get them close to the phone


  • Wait for some few seconds for it to be connected


  • After it is connected, there is a pop-up notification showing the AirPods battery level and the AirPod case as well.

This process can be applied to all versions of AirPods available.



how to check AirPods battery on Android without app

here are the steps on how you can check the battery on AirPods without the App;

  • Grab your AirPods and open the case


  • Look at the LED light on the front of the case, and take note of the color it is indicating



  • If you see a green LED light then the AirPods case is fully charged


  • If you see an orange LED light then the AirPods case is low on battery




Why can’t I check my AirPods battery on Android?

Unfortunately, checking your AirPods’ battery life on Android is somehow impossible unless with the help of an app. There are many apps that can be found on the Google Play Store to help you check your AirPods’ battery percentage.





how to check AirPods battery on Samsung

here is how you can check the AirPods battery on your Samsung device;

  • Use a third-party app, browse through Play Store to see a number of third-party apps that can show you the battery life of your AirPods.


  • Use the AirPods case as a battery indicator. When the AirPods case is fully charged, the LED light on the front of the case will be shown as green color. When the AirPods case is low on battery, the LED light will be shown orange color.


  • Use the Samsung Quick Settings panel. For Samsung users running the latest Android OS (Android 10) or later you can use the Quick Settings panel to check the battery life of your AirPods.


 To do this,

  • swipe down from the top of the screen to open the Quick Settings panel
  • then tap on the Bluetooth icon
  • The battery life of your AirPods will be displayed next to their name





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Does Android have a battery widget?

There is a battery widget available for android users who are on the Android OS version.


What AirPod features work on Android?

There are some features that work on Android. The double-tap feature works; you can double-tap to pause or play your music anytime. You can also enjoy a good AirPods sound quality too


Can you check the AirPod battery on the phone?

Yes, on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch its simple to check it. You just have to open the lid of the AirPod and bring it close to the device and you will see the battery status
But for Mac devices, You have to open the lid and click on the Bluetooth icon on the Mac, and you should see the battery percentage


Is there a way to check AirPod battery health on Android?

Yes, there are a number of apps that can help you do that. Here is a list of apps on Google Play that might help AndroPods, CAPod, Material-Pods, AirBattery, PodAir, AirDroid


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