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4 Quick Steps on how to check iPhone Memory [2023]

how to check iPhone Memory

How to check  iPhone  memory on the 11/11 Pro, iPhone 12/12 Pro, iPhone 13/13 Pro, or even the late iPhone editions. Look back to when you acquired the iPhone you are using at the very moment.


check memory on iPhone

It had a lot of memory space, or maybe the memory space was the reason you chose the specific iPhone. Let’s take a look at how you can check how much memory storage you have left on your iPhone.


You should know that it is very important to always know the amount of storage available on your Apple device. This helps free up space and see which apps, documents, etc. are taking up the device’s space.



How to see memory on iPhone
How to see memory on iPhone


How to see memory on iPhone

Okay, grab your iPhone and follow these steps to see the memory on your apple iPhone device.

  1. With your iPhone in your hand, Lock it with your “Passcode”, “FaceID”, “TouchID
  2. Tap on the “Settings” icon to open the settings menu
  3. When the settings menu is opened, scroll down on the settings menu and “Tap General
  4. In the “General Menu”, locate “iPhone Storage” and Tap on it to open
  5. And you should be presented with the iPhone storage details and everything you should know.



Now the menu loads up the exact storage of the iPhone in Gigabytes and used up space with Photos, Apps, Systems, etc.

There are also recommendations to free up space on the device. And with these recommendations, you should iCloud Photos requesting to upload some photos to save up space.

There should also be a “Recently Deleted” this asks you to empty your bin permanently to save up space too.



Lastly, when you scroll further down, you will see a list of apps installed on your device, the amount of space each app occupies, and a lot more.  All of this helps to save memory space. You can also tap those apps to delete them or offload them, all of this help to save memory space


iPhone storage not loading

why is my iPhone storage not loading? When you notice that your iPhone storage not loading. Most time it means a lot of apps are running in the background and can prevent you from seeing your device storage. What you need to do is a “Soft Reset” of your device and everything should be good.

How do I check my memory on my iPhone 7?

To check the memory on iPhone 7, head to settings, and tap on General right after that, tap on the device storage to check the iPhone memory details.


How can I free up memory on my iPhone?

To free up memory on your iPhone and make the phone run smoothly you simply to have delete some of its data. Go through the gallery to find out if there are some pictures or videos you don’t need no more and remove them, do remember to delete or empty the trash bin to completely delete those files.



What causes iPhone storage full?

Larger files like high definition videos and pictures takes a lot of memory storage and in turn causes the iPhone storage to full up quickly. Always back up any larger videos or picture to an external disk to avoid iPhone storage full issues.

What Should I delete when my phone storage is full?

This solely depends on you, what files and apps you seems it unnecessary can be deleted to free up storage on the phone.


How do I know if my iPhone is low on memory?

Most times, the iOS will notify you if the memory on the iPhone is currently low. These notification sometimes pop up when you’re trying to install a new app or taking a photo or video and prompt you to delete some of your files to make way for the new app or video you’re taking.


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