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how to connect AirPods to Any Android Phone [2023]

how to connect AirPods to Any Android Phone

how to connect AirPods to android phone? Connecting or pairing your Apple AirPods to android is very much allowed and there is no limit to the number of android devices or smartphones you can connect your Apple AirPods too.



From Samsung to Huawei to Google Pixel, Motorola, OnePlus and any android phone you can think off can be connected to AirPod as long as the device has Bluetooth connectivity.



Before you can connect your android device to the AirPod, there are some things you need to do first;



With that being said, let’s focus on the main deal, pairing your AirPod to the android device




how to connect AirPods to android phone

  • Step #1: On your android device, locate the setting app


  • Step #2: Look through the list and spot “Connections” and tap the open it


  • Step #3: Please note that, when your Bluetooth is turned off, the Bluetooth is gray and all you need to do is “tap on the switch” next to it to put it on


  • Step #4: After “Connections” is opened, you should see “Bluetooth” among the options. Tap to select it and proceed to the next part


  • Step #5: Here you’re presented with all the Bluetooth devices that have been paired with your phone



  • Step #7: Open the AirPod case


  • Step #8: Tap and Hold the button at the back of the AirPod until the light the start to blink white


  • Step #9: You should see your AirPod now discovered among the list


  • Step #10: Tap the AirPod and you will be requested to pair the device


  • Step #11: Tap “OK” and wait for a few seconds to get your AirPod Paired with the phone.


You can now start to listen music right from your AirPod or make a phone call with it.




Can AirPods connect to any Android?

the answer to this question is a 100% yes. You can connect your AirPod either the 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, 3rd Gen and the Pro to all android smartphones or device. But note that, the device should have Bluetooth connectivity.



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Why won’t my AirPods connect to my Android phone?

Check if the AirPods is not connected to any other device like the iPhone, Mac, iPad or iPod touch. This prevent the AirPod from connecting to any other device, so disconnect it and start it over again

Do AirPods still work with Android?

Yes AirPods work with Android phones too but some of the features you will enjoy with the iPhone connected to your AirPods or any other Apple device are not available when using the AirPod with Android.

How do I connect my AirPods to non-Apple device?

To connect your AirPod to non-Apple device you need to get the AirPods, open the case, start the pairing process, make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is on and get both device paired.

Can AirPod use with Samsung?

All Samsung phones belongs to the Android OS so these devices can use the Apple AirPod. If you an AirPod try and get your phone connected to it




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