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Don’t Lose Your AirPods’ Warranty: Here’s How to Find the Serial Number [2023]

how to find AirPod serial number

How to find the AirPod serial number? Finding your AirPods serial number is very necessary for any AirPods user. Knowing that your device is from the original manufacturer and also able to track and locate your AirPods case whether it has been stolen or you lost it at the park somewhere.




AirPods serial number

The AirPods are one of Apple’s most popular wireless earbud products, but like any electronic device, they can experience issues over time. In such cases, knowing the serial number of your AirPods is crucial for warranty claims, repairs, and compatibility. In this article, I will provide you with some essential information about AirPods’ serial number, including its importance, how to locate it, and troubleshooting tips for issues related to finding or using the serial number.




AirPods 2 serial number check

If you’re considering purchasing a pair of AirPods 2 or 3 or have already acquired them, it’s essential to verify their authenticity and warranty status. One way to do this is by checking the AirPods 2 serial number. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to locate and verify the serial number of your AirPods 2. By doing so, you can ensure that you have a genuine product and take advantage of any warranty coverage or repair services if needed.





importance of knowing your AirPods serial number


  • To take advantage of warranty claims and repair services, it’s crucial to know the serial number of your AirPods. Without it, you may not receive any warranty coverage. You must provide the serial number to Apple Support to initiate the repair process and get your AirPods fixed.


  • Recording your AirPods’ serial numbers can aid in theft or loss prevention. Reporting the unique serial number to the authorities or Apple in the event of theft or loss increases the likelihood of retrieval. This number helps identify and locate a specific pair of AirPods.


  • Different AirPods versions have unique serial numbers, and knowing yours can aid compatibility. This helps ensure you purchase compatible accessories and replacements, which saves you time and money in the long run.





How to check AirPods warranty status with serial number


  • Locate the serial number of your AirPods by checking the original packaging or the charging case. If you have an iPhone, you can also find the serial number in the Settings app by going to General > About and scrolling down to the AirPods section.



  • Enter your AirPods’ serial number in the designated field. Make sure to enter the correct serial number, as mistyping it may result in inaccurate warranty information.


  • Complete the captcha security check, if prompted. This is a security measure to ensure that you are not a bot attempting to access the website.


  • Click on the “Continue” button to view the warranty status of your AirPods. The website will display the warranty coverage details for your AirPods, including the purchase date and expiration date of the warranty.


  • Review the warranty details to see if your AirPods are covered under warranty. If your AirPods are still under warranty and you are experiencing issues with them, you can contact Apple Support to initiate a repair request.




How to find serial numbers for AirPods 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and Pro on the device

How to find AirPods Serial Number on your iPhone



Most original AirPods have their serial number printed on them, these identifications number are so tiny and can be difficult to spot. But with this article, I will show you how you can find the serial numbers of your AirPods 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and Pro


  • Step #1: Get your AirPods close to you


  • Step #2: Open the lid and look closely underneath it


  • Step #3: You should be able to spot a series of letters and number.

that is the serial number of your AirPods 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and Pro




How to find serial numbers for AirPods Max

Identifying your serial number for the AirPods Max is different compared to the other version where you have to look underneath to AirPods case to spot it.


AirPods max serial number check

  • Step #1: Get the device close to you


  • Step #2: The ear cushion, the left one that where the serial number for the AirPods max is located


  • Step #3: Carefully remove the cushion from the left ear to spot the serial number.


Other ways of finding your AirPods Serial number are checking the box or packing which the device came in. Most devices or gadget purchase from the original manufacturer comes with a serial number for you to check the product or device originality.




How to find AirPods Serial Number on your iPhone

If you don’t want to go through the above steps or maybe you are connected to your AirPods on your iPhone. Follow these steps;


  • Step #2: Open settings on your iPhone


  • Step #3: Head to General, then tap “About”


  • Step #4: Scroll down to the bottom to see your device serial number.




how to identify fake AirPods with serial number


  • Check the packaging: Authentic AirPods come in high-quality packaging with a clean and crisp print. If the packaging appears cheap or has blurry text or images, it may be a sign of fake AirPods.


  • Check the charging case: Authentic AirPods have a charging case that feels solid and has a hinge that clicks shut. If the charging case feels flimsy or doesn’t close properly, it may be a sign of fake AirPods.


  • Check the AirPods themselves: Authentic AirPods have a glossy finish and a smooth texture. If the AirPods feel rough or have a matte finish, it may be a sign of fake AirPods.


  • Verify the serial number: While counterfeiters can replicate serial numbers, it’s still worth checking if the serial number is valid by entering it on Apple’s official website. If the serial number is not recognized or the website indicates that it has been used before, it may be a sign of fake AirPods.



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Where are my AirPods serial number?

To find your Apple AirPods 1st Gen, 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen serial number, you have to pick the device up and open the lid, turn the device over and look underneath it. You should spot the serial number.

How can I get my serial number?

To get your serial number with 3 options;
On the device
Through the iPhone, if the device is connected or paired to the iPhone it is easy to get the serial number
For the AirPod Max, the serial number is located on the ear cushion

Can I replace AirPods without serial number?

Serial numbers are unique to each AirPods device and without them you cannot replace the AirPods is they are missing. One of the easier place to spot it is the AirPods box

Can Apple track AirPods with serial number?

There is lots of ways to track your lost or stolen AirPods but not with the serial number. You can track it with “Find My” app on the iPhone or Mac. You use it to locate the AirPods on a Map


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