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AirPods Max Acting Up? FIX IT FAST with This Simple Reset Guide (2024 Update)

Reset AirPods Max

If you’re experiencing issues with your AirPods Max, such as connectivity problems, audio distortion, or unresponsiveness, a quick reset could be the solution you need.

Resetting your AirPods Max to its factory settings can help resolve common problems and restore your device’s functionality.


In this guide, you’ll find easy-to-follow steps for resetting your AirPods Max and troubleshooting tips and tricks to help you.


Whether you’re a seasoned AirPods user or new to the device, mastering the art of resetting your AirPods Max can improve your listening experience and keep your device in top shape.


How do I reset AirPods Max? There are many reasons for one to reset their device. To put it (the device) in a default mode is one of the major reasons. But for AirPods max maybe it isn’t working properly or you want to get the AirPod max connected to another new device, or whatever the reason might be.



Why it is important to reset AirPods Max

  • Resolve common issues: Your AirPods Max may encounter connection issues, audio distortion, or become unresponsive over time. Resetting the device can resolve any temporary issues and restore its functionality.


  • Ensure optimal performance: Resetting your AirPods Max offers it a fresh start, enabling the device to function as if it were brand new. This may assist in optimizing their performance and ensuring a consistent listening experience.


  • Connect to new devices: Resetting your AirPods Max might assist if you’re experiencing difficulties connecting them to a new device.


  • Prepare for a new owner: If you give your AirPods Max to someone else, be sure to reset them to factory settings. This removes the device from your account and allows it to be easily paired with the new owner’s phone or any other device.


latest AirPods Max firmware

Here are the latest firmware version for AirPods Max 6A324 release notes and its fixes bugs, and other improvements



AirPods max connection issues

For those who didn’t know, AirPods Max connection issues can be fixed. Here is what to look for:. properly put the device in pairing mode, restart Bluetooth, and reset AirPods Max.

And if any of the steps do not work, you can try cleaning the device with qtips and rubbing alcohol. Please be careful; don’t break the device, Always look up videos on YouTube on how to do it carefully.


how to reset Apple AirPods max

here is how to put your AirPods max in a reset mode;

  • Step #1: On your iPhone, head to settings


  • Step #2: Tap on “Bluetooth” to proceed to the next stage



  • Step #4: Now to get the AirPods Max into reset mode, you have to “press and hold” the digital crown and noise cancellation button for a few seconds.   Please note that the number of seconds you need to hold the button depends on how fast the AirPods Max is disconnected from the iPhone. Most times, a period of 15 seconds is all you need to “press and hold” the two buttons together.


  • Step #5: After the device has been disconnected, you will receive a notification to “connect the AirPods Max’




AirPods max reset issues

  • Loss of customization settings: All personalized settings, including EQ settings, noise cancellation, and spatial audio, will be erased if you reset your AirPods Max. Thus, you’ll have to set these settings again.


  • Connectivity issues: You may encounter connectivity troubles while attempting to pair your AirPods Max with your device after resetting them, but it can be fixed by using the normal pairing process.


  • Battery drain: Others have reported that after resetting their AirPods Max, the battery drains quickly. This might be due to a problem with the battery calibration, which can be fixed by entirely draining the battery and then fully charging it.


  • Audio issues: After resetting your AirPods Max, you may experience audio quality issues such as distortion or decreased volume. This may be fixed by modifying the EQ settings or doing a soft reset.




Ways to fix common issues AirPods Max reset

  • Loss of customization settings: If you lost your personalized settings, you can quickly restore them by accessing the AirPods Max settings on your device.


  • Connectivity issues: If you’re having trouble connecting, try resetting your AirPods Max and your device, then pairing them again. Check that your Bluetooth is turned on and that your AirPods Max are completely charged.


  • Battery drain: If you are experiencing battery drain difficulties, consider totally emptying the battery and then fully charging it to recalibrate the battery. You may also try resetting your AirPods Max and then charging them to see if it helps.


  • Audio issues; If you’re having audio problems, consider tweaking your device’s EQ settings or performing a soft reset by placing your AirPods Max back into their Smart Case for 15 seconds before reconnecting them to your smartphone.

You may get more help from Apple support if the problem continues or if you’re unclear about what to do.





how to reset AirPods Max from previous owner

how to reset AirPods max

How do I change ownership of the AirPods Max to a new owner? To do this, you will need to reset the AirPod Max to put it in a new mode. This clears all the stored details associated with the older owner and makes way for the new owner to set up the device.




how to change owner of AirPods

Unfortunately, changing the owner of AirPods is not possible since they are tied to the Apple ID of the original owner. When you initially pair your AirPods, they become connected with your Apple ID, which cannot be changed

If you have purchased second-hand AirPods, the only option is to reset them to their factory settings, which will disconnect them from the previous owner’s Apple ID.


To do this,

  • Put both AirPods in their cases and press and hold the button on the back of the case until the status light starts flashing amber.


  • Then, release the button and wait for the AirPods to reset.


After resetting your AirPods, you can pair them with your device using the standard pairing process. Keep in mind that resetting your AirPods will erase any customizations or settings you may have had, so you’ll need to set them up again to your liking.




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AirPods max firmware update

Its always important to check for the newer firmware version of the AirPods Max you’re using, and Apple makes it easy for you. When a new one is available, Apple sends it automatically when the device is in charge and connected to your Apple device.


How do I get to AirPod max settings?

To get into AirPod Max settings, here’s how to achieve that:. If you’re using your phone, you first head to settings, Bluetooth, locate your device, and tap on it. From there, you can see the settings


How do I remove a previous owner from AirPods Max?

Tap the Items tab or the Devices tab after launching the Find My app. To delete an object or gadget, tap it, then swipe up on the handle. Select the item or device you want to remove, then select Remove to confirm.


Can previous owner track AirPods after reset?

Supposing the AirPods have been reset already, then the previous owner cannot track the device. AirPods can only be tracked if they have not been reset.


Why can’t I connect to my AirPod Max?

Check the connection, is the Bluetooth on? If the AirPod Max connected to any other device, then disconnect them. Is the device in discovery mode? If not, get it in discovery mode and try connecting again.


Can I track my AirPods if someone else is connected to them?

Unfortunately, you cannot track your AirPods if someone is already connected to them. This is because someone may have already reset and paired his Apple device to your AirPods as the new owner, and this makes it impossible to track.


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