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iPhone 13 Acting Up? Here’s How to Soft Reset in Just a Few Steps [2024]       

how to do a soft reset on iPhone 13

You have been using your iPhone 13 for a lot of hours now, the phone is heating up, and all of a sudden, the screen just stops working and the iPhone becomes unusable at the very moment.

A soft reset is a basic troubleshooting technique used to resolve minor software issues that may cause your iPhone 13 to slow down or malfunction. Unlike a hard reset, a soft reset does not erase data, making it a safe and straightforward option for restoring your iPhone to its normal state.



soft rest iphone 13

This process involves pressing a combination of buttons to force a restart of the iPhone, allowing it to clear any temporary glitches and start fresh. Soft resetting your iPhone 13 can help resolve many common issues and keep your device running smoothly.



soft reset iPhone 13

Take a deep breath; there’s no need to be concerned. This is why the soft reset was invented, for cases or situations like this. With just a few seconds and a touch of buttons, the iPhone 13 should be able to bring back the iPhone in a good working mode.



In this article, I will take you through a quick guide on how to do a soft reset of your iPhone 13.


Now let’s get to how to get this done in no time.




Benefits of soft resetting iPhone 13?

The point of soft reset your iPhone is simple. iPhone freezing, camera behaving in a funny way, or you been using your iPhone for sometime now and you feel you have to free some some data stored on disk to enhance the phone’s performance? well that is when Soft reset comes in.
Soft reset help your phone restore it to the previous good working condition.

  • Improved Performance: Soft resetting your iPhone 13 can help improve its performance by clearing temporary glitches that may cause it to slow down or freeze. This can help you avoid the frustration of dealing with a slow or unresponsive device.


  • Saves Time and Money: Soft resetting your iPhone 13 is a simple and cost-effective solution to many common software issues that can cause your device to malfunction. By using this technique, you can save time and money that would otherwise be spent on costly repairs or replacements.


  • Preserves Data: Unlike a hard reset, soft resetting your iPhone 13 does not erase any data, ensuring that your important files and information are safe.


  • Quick and Easy: Soft resetting your iPhone 13 is a straightforward process that can be completed in a matter of minutes. It doesn’t require any special tools or technical expertise, making it accessible to anyone.


  • Enhances User Experience: By soft resetting your iPhone 13 regularly, you can ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently, enhancing your overall user experience.





how to soft reset iPhone 13

How to soft reset iPhone 13 


  • Step #1: I assume you have your iPhone 13 ready in your hand now


  • Step #2: Quick press the Volume Down button, then the Volume Up Button Note that you’re not to hold them together. Just press these buttons one after the other.



  • Step #3: Now Press and Hold the Power Button for at least 10 seconds. While holding the Power button you will see on the screen “Slide to power off” ignore that and continue holding the power button.



  • Step #4: After 10 seconds of holding the power button, you should see the Apple logo Now it’s time to release the power button and let the phone do the rest while you wait.




Now the soft reset is done, you should see the Home Screen now

For any iPhone 13 user on the 13 Pro, Mini, or any other series, this guide covers all the series of iPhone. Feel free to apply this guide whenever the need arises.




Troubleshooting of how-to soft reset iPhone 13


  • Verify Power Level: Make sure that your iPhone 13 has enough battery power to complete the soft reset process. If the battery level is low, connect it to a power source before attempting to reset it.


  • Check Buttons: Ensure that you are pressing the correct buttons when attempting to soft reset your iPhone 13. Remember that you need to press and hold the Volume Up button, Volume Down button, and the Side button simultaneously until the Apple logo appears.


  • Remove Accessories: Disconnect any accessories, such as headphones or chargers, from your iPhone 13 before attempting to soft reset it.


  • Try Again: If the soft reset process fails, try again. Sometimes glitches or technical issues may cause the initial attempt to fail.


  • Seek Professional Help: If you’ve tried all of the above troubleshooting tips and still can’t soft reset your iPhone 13, seek professional help from an authorized service provider or Apple Support.




how to restart iPhone 13

here is how you can restart your iPhone 13;

  • Press and hold the Volume Up button and release it quickly.


  • Press and hold the Volume Down button and release it quickly.


  • Press and hold the Side button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.


  • Release the Side button and wait for your iPhone 13 to restart.


It’s important to note that when performing a soft reset on your iPhone 13, you should not hold down the buttons for too long, as this can trigger a hard reset, which erases all data on your device.


How often should you soft reset iPhone?

There is no limit to the number of times to do a soft reset on your iPhone. Anything you feel the phone isnt working to your standard, you do a soft reset.



Is hard reset better than soft reset?

In my best option, i will say a Yes and A No. Hard reset is a permanent reset thus you clear all the data on your phone to get it back to factory settings while soft reset is a temporary fix.


What happens if you press reset of iPhone 13?

If it is a Force reset, you lose all your files and data but a soft reset temporary refresh the iPhone 13


How do you reset an iPhone 13 with power button?

Here is how you can do a reset on your iPhone 13 with a power button;
Press the volume up button, then immediately let go.
Press the volume down button, then immediately let go.
Long-press the side button
Finally, release the side button once you see the Apple logo to reset the iPhone 13



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How do I do a soft reboot?

How do I do a soft reboot on the iPhone 13 or any of the iPhone 13 series? Well, it’s easy. Look through this article and use the quick guide to get it done in a few seconds.


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