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How to turn off location on iPhone WITHOUT notifying [2024]     

How to turn off location on iPhone without notifying

Maybe you need a quick getaway from some people or a little me time at a different location. Well,  here is how to turn off location on your iPhone without notifying them.



Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, etc. let you share your location with whomever you want to access it, and you can also remove or take away that access when you also want to.


In this article, I will give you the steps on how you achieve stop sharing your location to anyone on your iPhone.




Why privacy and location tracking is Important


  • Personal Security: Privacy is crucial for personal safety. By controlling your location information, you minimize the risk of potential threats, such as stalking or targeted attacks.


  • Identity Protection: Location data can be used to build a profile of your daily routines, habits, and preferences. Protecting your location information helps prevent unauthorized tracking and potential misuse of your identity.



  • Data Security: Location tracking involves collecting and storing sensitive data. Safeguarding your location information ensures that it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands or get exploited for malicious purposes.


  • Avoiding Location-Based Advertising: Disabling location tracking can help reduce targeted advertisements and unwanted promotions based on your whereabouts, enhancing your online experience.



  • Preserving Confidentiality: Certain activities or places you visit may be private or confidential. By disabling location tracking, you maintain the confidentiality of such information, ensuring it remains undisclosed.


  • Geopolitical Concerns: Location tracking can have significant implications in terms of national security and geopolitical matters. Protecting location data helps maintain the integrity and security of sensitive locations or infrastructure.




The need to disable location on iPhone

Here are some of the need why you might want to disable location on your iPhone;


  • Privacy Protection: Disabling location tracking without notifications allows you to maintain your privacy and keep your whereabouts confidential. It prevents unnecessary disclosure of your location information to apps, services, or individuals.


  • Covert Surveillance: In certain situations, you may wish to disable location tracking discreetly to avoid being monitored or tracked by unauthorized individuals, whether it’s for personal safety or maintaining confidentiality.



  • Avoiding Unwanted Attention: Notifications about location tracking can draw unnecessary attention from others. By disabling tracking without notifications, you can prevent others from becoming aware of your movements or activities.


  • Security Concerns: Publicly indicating that you have disabled location tracking might alert potential threats or attackers, making you more vulnerable to targeted attacks. Disabling it silently helps mitigate such risks.



  • Minimizing Battery Drain: Location tracking consumes battery power. Disabling it without notifications allows you to conserve battery life without triggering suspicion or questions from others.


  • Controlling App Behavior: Some apps may behave differently or restrict functionality when they detect that location tracking is disabled. Disabling tracking without notifications can help you maintain app functionality while still protecting your privacy.




How iPhone tracks your location

Here is a list of ways how your iPhone can track your location:

  • Through the GPS, or Global Positioning System,. This is really effective in determining your precise location


  • Wi-Fi: Your iPhone can also use Wi-Fi networks to determine your location



  • Cellular: Your iPhone can also use cell towers to determine your location.


  • Bluetooth: Your iPhone can also use Bluetooth devices to determine your location


how to turn off location on iPhone without them knowing
how to turn off location on iPhone




how to turn off location on iPhone without them knowing

Here are the steps to follow, but please make sure you’re on the latest iOS version to set it up properly.

  • Grab your iPhone and unlock it with your “Passcode”, “FaceID” and “TouchID.”


  • Tap on the “Settings” icon to open the settings menu


  • On the setting menu, Scroll down through the list and spot “Privacy.”


  • Tap on “Privacy” to open it


  • Right after you have opened the privacy settings, look for “Location Services” and tap on it to open


  • In the location services menu, you should see “Share My Location.” Tap on it to open


  • You should see a “toggle icon” that is turned on. Tap to turn it off to stop sharing your iPhone location.




If you have added some contacts to see your location and you don’t want to share your live location with them anymore,.



You should then tap on the contacts available there; a menu should open, and you should tap “Stop Sharing My Location,” and the contact won’t see your location again.


Well until you turn it back on. Do this to any contact you choose, and you will be good to go.




Turn off location services on iPhone


  • Unlock your iPhone and go to the home screen.


  • Look for the “Settings” app on the iPhone screen, and tap on it to open the Settings menu.


  • In the Settings menu, scroll down and tap on “Privacy.” The privacy settings have a gray icon with a hand holding a white heart.


  • In the privacy settings, you should see a list of options available to you. Scroll down and tap on “Location Services.” It is indicated by a purple icon with a white arrowhead.


  • On the Location Services screen, you will find a switch at the top. This switch controls the overall status of location services on your iPhone. If the switch is green and positioned to the right, it means Location Services are currently enabled, and to turn it off, just tap the switch and it will be turned off. When the switch turns gray and moves to the left, it indicates that location services have been disabled.


  • Confirm the action when the pop-up message appears. Tap “Turn Off” to proceed and disable Location Services for all apps and services on your iPhone.


  • If you want to customize location access for specific apps instead of disabling Location Services entirely, you can scroll down the Location Services screen to view a list of installed apps. Each app will have its own settings for location access.


  • Tap on an app to adjust its location access settings. You can choose from three options: “Never,” “While Using the App,” or “Ask Next Time.” Selecting “Never” will prevent the app from accessing your location, while “While Using the App” will allow access only when you are actively using the app.



  • By following these steps, you can turn off Location Services completely or selectively manage location access for individual apps on your iPhone. Keep in mind that certain features or functionalities of apps may be limited or unavailable when location services are disabled.




stop sharing location without notifying

To stop sharing locations without notifying anyone, here is what to do:
On your iPhone, head to settings, tap on your iPhone name, then “Find my
Go to “find my iPhone,” then turn off “Share My Location.



Is there a way to stop sharing location without notifying the person?

Yes, there is actually a way to do that right on your iPhone. Take a look at the steps listed in this article to get it done.


Can you temporarily stop sharing location on iPhone?

Yes, you can stop sharing locations with your contacts temporarily. The iPhone gives you the option to choose whether to share your location or not. It is just a few simple steps to follow, and your location is temporarily stopped.


How do you know if someone turned their location off on iPhone?

Well, if you have been added to the list of contacts to receive their live location, then you will know if their location is turned off. Because the notifications will stop coming, and that should tell you.



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