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8 QUICK steps on How to use Apple Pay at ATM [2023]




Here’s a guide and easy guide to use Apple Pay at ATM. So, you’re in need of cash and you can’t reach your cards at the very moment but you have an Apple Pay on your iPhone? Well, you don’t need to worry because you can use your Apple Pay to retrieve cash from the ATM.



If could be you have your cards on you but want to withdraw cash from the ATM with your Apple Pay which are other ways you find yourself, this guide helps you achieve your goal.


To get your cash with the Apple Pay NFC system or technology, here are a few things you need to do before.




how to use apple pay at ATM

so, to get started, you need to find or locate a Bank that has cardless ATMs, I mean ATMs that do not require a card to allow you to withdraw cash. To find specific banks that offer cardless ATMs, you may have to do a search or call your bank and find out where you can locate any of the cardless ATMs.

Okay, you’ve now found a cardless ATM, let’s get on how to achieve this;


  • Step #1: On your iPhone, you locate the Apple Pay App or Wallet. Please note that, if your current version of iPhone you will be required to verify your identity with Face ID


  • Step #2: Open and Activate Apple Pay to begin the process


  • Step #3: After you have verified your identity, you will be asked to place your iPhone near the terminal to begin. (On the ATM you should see where to place the phone)


  • Step #4: After a few seconds, your iPhone should notify you that Apple Pay is registered with the ATM


  • Step #5: Next is, you will be requested to enter your PIN or Pass Code to continue


  • Step #6: Once that’s done, enter the amount you want to withdraw


  • Step #7: Choose your choice of receipt either Print or Electronic and Press OK


  • Step #8: Wait to receive your cash and take your receipt too.


Well, that’s how you withdraw cash from the ATM with Apple Pay.


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