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Chromebook + Xbox Controller Turn Your Chromebook into a Gaming Powerhouse (Connection Guide You NEED)


Chromebook Xbox controller

Chromebooks can be paired with Xbox controllers to enhance the gaming experience. Connecting an Xbox controller to a Chromebook allows you to enjoy gaming with familiar controls and improved precision.



Connect Xbox controller to Chromebook

How to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook? In the gaming world, a lot of changes have happened, and these changes are not stopping now, and we can be certain about them.


And talking about these changes, one that is not far from them is the Xbox console, and specifically, the Xbox controller.


The things you can do with it, for example, connect or pair it with a Chromebook, pair it with your headset, etc.


But in this post, our focus will be on using the Xbox controller to connect to your Chromebook and everything else you need to know.



Why you should use a Controller for Gaming on Chromebook



  • Familiarity and muscle memory: If you’re used to gaming with an Xbox controller, you’ll be happy to know that you can use it on a Chromebook. This is a great way to take advantage of your existing muscle memory and gaming habits. The controller’s familiar layout, button placement, and feel will make gaming feel like second nature and can even give you a competitive edge in some games.


  • Improved Precision and Control: Xbox controllers are renowned for their precise analog sticks and responsive buttons. This precision translates into accurate control over in-game movements and actions when connected to a Chromebook. Whether you’re navigating complex environments or engaging in intense combat, the familiar Xbox controller provides a level of control that enhances your gaming performance.


  • Compatibility with a Wide Range of Games: Many games available on Chromebooks are optimized for Xbox controllers or have native controller support. By using your Xbox controller, you gain access to a vast library of games without having to adapt to alternative control schemes. This compatibility ensures that you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience across various genres and titles.


  • Wireless Freedom: Xbox controllers can connect wirelessly to Chromebooks via Bluetooth, providing the convenience of gaming without cables.


  • Customization Options: Xbox controllers offer various customization options, such as button mapping and sensitivity adjustments.


  • Multiplayer Gaming: Using Xbox controllers is a great option if you enjoy playing multiplayer games with friends on your Chromebook. Xbox controllers are seamlessly compatible with each other, so you can easily connect multiple controllers to your Chromebook and play games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Rocket League with your friends. This is a great way to add an extra layer of fun to your gaming gatherings, whether you’re playing cooperatively or competitively.




why gaming on Chromebooks is becoming increasingly popular


  • Growing popularity of gaming on Chromebooks: Chromebooks are becoming more popular, and as a result, the demand for gaming on these devices is also increasing.


  • Affordability and accessibility: Chromebooks are a cost-effective and accessible way to get into gaming. They are a good option for people who want to play casual and indie games.



  • Cloud gaming revolution: Cloud gaming has made gaming on Chromebooks more accessible and flexible, which has attracted a wider audience to gaming on Chromebooks.



  • Portability and convenience: Chromebooks are portable and have a long battery life, making them ideal for gaming on the go. This has contributed to the rising popularity of gaming on Chromebooks.


  • Integration with other Google services: Chromebooks integrate well with other Google services, which makes gaming easier and more enjoyable.



  • Need for a seamless gaming experience: Gamers want a smooth and immersive gaming experience on Chromebooks. This can be achieved by using responsive controllers, minimizing input lag, and ensuring reliable connectivity. Familiar controllers, like Xbox controllers, can help meet this need by providing a comfortable and intuitive gaming interface.



  • Competitive gaming and eSports: Chromebooks are becoming a popular choice for competitive gamers because they offer a lag-free gaming experience and can seamlessly connect to gaming controllers.





Xbox Controller and Chromebook compatibility


  • Bluetooth: Most Xbox controllers can be connected to Chromebooks via Bluetooth. To do this, make sure that your Chromebook is turned on and Bluetooth is enabled. Then get hold of the Xbox controller and turn it on. The next step is to press and hold down the Xbox button until the light bar starts flashing. Now back to the Chromebook, hit the window key, and head to Bluetooth settings. The controller should be among the list of detected Bluetooth devices; click on it to select your Xbox controller. Go through the pairing process to successfully pair both devices, and you should be good to go. 


  • USB cable: You can also connect an Xbox controller to a Chromebook using a USB cable. Now to get started, simply plug one end of the USB cable into the micro-USB port on your Xbox controller and the other end into a USB port on your Chromebook. Once the controller is connected, you should be able to use it to control games and other applications on your Chromebook.


  • Steam: If you have the Steam app installed on your Chromebook, you can also use an Xbox controller to play Steam games. To do this, open the Steam app and select the Settings menu. In the Settings menu, select the Controller tab, and then select the General Controller Settings option. Under the Controller Support section, select the Xbox Configuration Support checkbox. Once you have enabled Xbox controller support, you should be able to use your Xbox controller to play Steam games on your Chromebook.


It is important to note that not all Chromebooks are compatible with Xbox controllers.  If you are not sure if your Chromebook is compatible, you can check the manufacturer’s website or the Chromebook’s specifications.





Requirements for using an Xbox controller with a Chromebook


  • Chromebook models: Most Chromebooks that were released after 2017 are compatible with Xbox controllers. However, to be on the safe side, please keep it in mind to check the manufacturer’s website or the Chromebook’s specifications to be sure.


  • Software versions: Chromebooks need to be running Chrome OS version 77 or later in order to use an Xbox controller. To check the software version of your Chromebook, please head to the Settings app and select About Chrome OS.


  • Another requirement that is needed: In addition to the above requirements, you may also need to install the Xbox Game Pass app on your Chromebook in order to play some games. The Xbox Game Pass app is available for free from the Google Play Store.




Supported Xbox controllers and their limitations


  • Xbox Wireless Controller: This is the most common Xbox controller and is compatible with most Chromebooks. It can be connected to a Chromebook via Bluetooth or a USB cable.


  • Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2: This is a more advanced Xbox controller with additional features, such as swappable paddles and adjustable triggers. It is compatible with most Chromebooks, but it may not work with all games.


  • Xbox Adaptive Controller: This controller is designed for people with disabilities and can be customized to meet individual needs. It is compatible with most Chromebooks, but it may not work with all games.


Xbox controller Chromebook emulators

Here is a list of a few emulators that support Xbox controllers on Chromebooks:

  • RetroArch
  • Dolphin
  • Citra
  • Mupen64Plus FZ



Here are some limitations to keep in mind when using an Xbox controller with a Chromebook:

  • Some games may not be compatible with Xbox controllers.


  • The Xbox controller may not work with all Chromebook features, such as the touchscreen or the keyboard.


  • The Xbox controller may not work with all Chromebook apps.





Setting Up Xbox Controller with Chromebook

When setting up your Xbox game controller to the Chromebook, there are a few things you must consider.

  • Make sure your Xbox controller software is up-to-date on the Chromebook. this is important because you don’t want to be interrupted by the controller with a little information about updating the software in the middle of a game


  • Always check to see that your cables are in good shape. When you try to connect to the Chromebook with cable, make sure you don’t have torn or crumbled cable; this makes the controller inaccessible to the Chromebook.


    best settings for Xbox controller on Chromebook

    General settings to consider:

    • Calibration
    • Vibration
    • Button mapping
    • Trigger sensitivity


    In Game Settings

    • game controller options, e.g., control layouts, camera sensitivity and aim assist.
    • Steam big picture mode




    Best Xbox controller for Chromebook

    When you are looking for the best controller for your Chromebook, you should look at these steps:

    • The connectivity options of the controller
    • The controller model


    The connectivity options of the controller

    Bluetooth vs. Wired: This comes down to what you want and how comfortable you want to be with your controller. Bluetooth or wired both work with Chromebook interference.

    Compatibility: It is important to check for support and functionalities of both controllers


    The controller model

    Xbox Series X|S controller: great compatibility, low latency with wireless connections, and new ergonomic features.

    Xbox One controller: a very reliable and widely compatible option that still offers support for Chromebooks.



    Best Xbox Controllers Deals on Amazon Today





    Xbox Wireless Controller

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    Wireless controller with Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable battery, and built-in vibration feedback.

    Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Series 2

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    4.7 out of 5 stars

    Advanced controller with swappable paddles, adjustable triggers, and a rechargeable battery.

    Power A Spectra Infinity Enhanced Wired Controller for Xbox Series X

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    Advanced Gaming Buttons: Two mappable buttons on back; 3-Way Trigger Locks for super-precise throws

    Razer Wolverine Ultimate Officially Licensed Xbox One Controller

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    4.6 out of 5 stars

    Advanced controller with swappable paddles, adjustable triggers, and a rechargeable battery. It also has four additional buttons on the back that can be mapped to any action in a game.


    Chromebook games with controller support

    here is a few list of Chromebook games with controller support;

    • Cuphead
    • Hollow Knight
    • Celeste
    • Rayman legends
    • Batman Arkham Asylum
    • Dead Cells
    • Terraria
    • Sonic Mania
    • Beach Buggy Racing
    • Hot Wheels Unleashed
    • GRID Autosport
    • Skullgirls
    • Mortal Kombat 11
    • Injustice 2




    Xbox controller firmware update on Chromebook

    For Windows Users

    To update the Xbox controller driver, here is what you have to do;



    Xbox controller driver

    • Press the Windows key and search for “Microsoft Store.”


    • Tap to open the window store


    • Locate the “Search Bar” in the upper left corner and type “Xbox Accessories,” then select “Open.


    • Right here, you should have connected your Xbox controller to your Chromebook and if not, please connect it


    • The controller should be on the screen now if the device was connected successfully.


    • Hit or tap on “Configure” if you want to change or customize your buttons, and to “Update” the controller, tap on the three dots.


    • Here you should see three options: “No update available” or “Update now,” “Vibrate this controller,” and “Turn on Copilot.




    No update available

    When you see this, Xbox is yet to release an update for the controller, and you may have to check back again.



    Update now

    A new driver or software version has been released for the controller; tap on it to continue and update the Xbox controller.



    Vibrate this controller

    use this to vibrate the controller



    Turn on Copilot

    Set up the controller to use another player and you as a single controller.



    How to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook
    How to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook

    How to connect Xbox controller to Chromebook

    Use Bluetooth

    • The first step here is to prepare the Xbox for pairing, and you do that by putting the controller in pairing mode.


    • Press and hold the Xbox home button until you see the light blinking slowly, Now let go of the home button


    • Flip the controller over and identify the pair button. Press and hold for a few seconds until you see the home button light move from blinking slowly to faster. Now the controller is in pairing mode


    • Head to the Chromebook and turn on the “Bluetooth” if it is not already on.


    • Now you should see the Xbox controller discovered by the Bluetooth, Tap on it to select


    • Wait a few seconds for the connection to be established between the controller and the Chromebook.


    • ChromeOS should alert you that both devices have been connected or paired successfully




    Use USB Cable

    Personally, using the usb cable to connect the controller to the Chromebook is easier, but there are limitations to it. If the USB cable is faulty, the controller keeps disconnecting.


    Also, since most cables aren’t that long, your movement while using the controller could be restricted too.


    Here is how to do it;

    • Grab the USB cable and plug in the controller


    • Take the other end of the USB cable and connect it to the Chromebook


    • Here, the controller should vibrate, and the home button on the controller should light up indicating both devices are connected and paired successfully.



    Can Chromebook handle Fortnite?

    Got a Chromebook and want to run the Fortnite video game? Sure, the device can handle Fortnite well without any interruptions. But you need to understand that Fortnite has not been officially released to Chromebook devices just yet, so you will have to use GeForce-Cloud, the Nvidia gaming platform, to play the game.



    Why is my Xbox controller flashing and not connecting?

    The controller might not be paired or connected to the Chromebook; repeat the process again and see if it works. If not, then use the Xbox Accessories app to update the controller, and that should get it working for you.


    Can I use a USB controller on Chromebook?

    Yes, all you need to do is get yourself a USB controller with a USB cable and plug it into the Chromebook to get paired. That is, now you can start gaming with the USB controller.


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