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A Step by Step Guide on How to Game Share Xbox One [2023]

how to game share Xbox one

Game share is the technology that makes it possible for gamers to set their Xbox console as their home or default Xbox. The purpose of this is to make your games available to anyone who logs in to your home Xbox to play any games on it and also make use of your Xbox live gold account to get access to any online games.


This does not only work on online games but offline games too. 

In this article, I will focus on how you can use the Xbox game share feature with your friends, family, or anyone you want to enjoy your Xbox. Now let’s pay attention to how you can game-share your Xbox with other users.




How to Set up Game Share on Xbox One

Here is how to go about it. The first step is really simple, you got to have your Xbox console connected to the internet.

  1. Sign in to your Xbox One Console that doesn’t have the game on it. Follow these steps to sign in;


  • Move the cursor to the right upper corner to highlight “Profile & System”


  • Move the cursor to “Add or Switch” and select open. You should see a list of account already signed in and mostly this account has the games you intended on sharing.


  • Please select the account that has the games you want to Game Share to continue and if not then you can Add a new account.


  • Now that you have signed in to the account you want to share, Head to “Settings” again


  • Press the Xbox Button head to the upper right corner to select “Profile and System” again and select ‘’Settings”


  • Move the cursor to the cursor again and select “Personalization” to open


  • In the “Personalization” menu, move the cursor down the button and select “My Home Xbox


  • In “My Home Xbox” menu, you will be asked to provide your “Passkey” please provide it to continue


  • After You will be shown details about “My Home Xbox” read through and then select “Make this My Home Xbox


  • You will be prompted again, please select “Make This My Home Xbox” to confirm to complete the process.



how to game share Xbox one
how to game share Xbox one



how to share game pass on Xbox one

Now that we have learned how to set up a game share on the Xbox one, the next step is to download the games you want to share.  Here is how to do that;



Game Share Xbox One

  • On the controller, press the Xbox button  again and move the cursor down to “My games & Apps” and select to open


  • Head to “See All” and select to open


  • In the See All Menu, scroll down to “Full Library” and head to “All Owned Games


  • Here you will see all your downloaded games on the Xbox One console


  • Move the cursor to any of the game you want to share and select it


  • Go to install all, and in that moment the game will be downloaded on the Xbox One Console. After it has been downloaded, the game will be available for anyone who logs in the Xbox One Console.


  • The Final step is to check your Library to see if the just downloaded game is available in the library without a download icon on the button right. This indicates that the game is ready to share.




How to Add new Account to Xbox One Console

  • To add a new account, Move the cursor to “Add new


  • Enter your Microsoft Hotmail email address and select “enter” to proceed


  • Enter your password and also select “enter” to continue


  • Microsoft service agreement and Privacy Statement will be displayed, review and Accept to continue


  • Here there will be a list of steps to set up your Sign-in, security & PIN, follow the steps to complete your profile.




How to Remove Account from Xbox One Console

  • On the Xbox controller, press the Xbox button  to begin the process


  • Move the cursor to “Profile & Select” then to “Settings” and select to open


  • Now head to “Account” then to “Remove Accounts” and select to open


  • Here you have to choose the profile you want to remove or delete, then finally select “Remove” to confirm.




Can you have 2 Xboxes with 1 live account?

two Xboxes can have one live account and all you have to do is set “My Home Xbox” on the Xbox without the Live subscription to share your games with. This will help the 2 Xboxes to play all their games and have no issues. Find out more from Microsoft answers



How many games can you Gameshare on Xbox?

Once you have successfully game share your library, any game you download will be available to anyone on your Xbox Home to play. The number of games that can be game-share depends on the game you download and installed. 


xbox game share not working

For game share not working, there are a few things you have to consider. Have you set up your home Xbox account properly? Go through the Home Account and see if everything is right.
Next is to check if you haven’t exhausted the number of times you can game share. You are limited to 5 game shares in a year so if you have finished all 5 sharing credits, then your game share won’t work.


how many people can you gameshare with on Xbox

Xbox only permits sharing your game 5 times a whole year. What I’m saying here is you can only game share just 5 times in a space of 12 months. So you have to be careful how you game share because if you exhaust all your 5 credits assigned to you in a week or a month, then you have to wait till the next year to be able to do that again.


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