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Step-By-Step Guide: How to update Xbox controller on Windows PC [2023]

How to update Xbox controller on Windows PC

For most gamers like myself, we like to be in total control of our gaming, every button pressed during a game session must go as designed to get the best out of your controller. Especially the Xbox controller, you cannot let your device (the controller) miss an update.


PC gamers with an Xbox controller to get the most out of your controller, the Xbox Accessories app for windows should be your go-to app always for a better gaming experience with the Xbox controller. Welcome to another post by Guidestofixit in this article, we will through everything to know about how to update the Xbox controller on your Windows PC.



Xbox Controller Compatibility

It’s best to understand that, since there are a number of Xbox model controllers out on the market, some of these come with older firmware or have never seen an update release for quite some time now and these controllers might work or be compatible with most windows PC.



How to check Xbox Controller Compatibility on PC

The good news is most Windows PC has Bluetooth enabled and checking the compatibility is an essay one to do.  You can also use the USB cable to check the compatibility. Finally, you can also use Xbox wireless adapter for Windows.

How to update Xbox controller on Windows PC
How to update Xbox controller on Windows PC

Install the latest Windows Update on your Xbox Controller

Here is how you can install the latest Windows update on the Xbox controller;

  • Through windows system update
  • Through the Xbox accessories app
  • Through windows system update


And again, I cannot stress the importance of updating or making sure your system has the latest OS to go with.

By default, Microsoft provides monthly updates to Windows and any other devices connected to the PC, so the Xbox controller should be getting a monthly update as soon as they are available for download and installation.



To check for the latest;

  • On the keyboard, press the Windows Key
  • Move the mouse cursor to “Settings” and click on it
  • Move the cursor down, look for “Update & Security” and click to open
  • On the Update & Security menu, click on “Windows Update” and check for any update available for the Xbox controller and install




Xbox Accessories App for Windows

The Xbox accessories app for windows PC gives you all the options for your controller, you can configure the controller to your taste right on the app, and also check for the update available for the controller. This has made it easy to stay up to date with any version of the controller software that comes out.




Connect Xbox controller to PC

To connect or pair the Xbox controller to your Windows PC you can achieve this in two ways;

  • With the USB cable or the wired connections
  • With Bluetooth connection or the wireless connections

Note that some PC or devices come with built-in Xbox wireless functionality, which makes it possible to connect your controller to your PC without the cable or Bluetooth connection.





How to connect Xbox Controller to PC with USB

To connect the controller with USB is simple. Most recent Xbox controllers when connected to windows PC automatically detect the controller without installing any drivers or software. Just make sure your cable is in a good condition then you’re good to go.




How to connect Xbox Controller to PC with Bluetooth

How to connect Xbox Controller to PC with Bluetooth
How to connect Xbox Controller to PC with Bluetooth

Bluetooth which is the wireless connection also can be done with a wireless adaptor or a windows Pc with Bluetooth enabled. Here are the steps to follow;

  • Grab the controller and press the Xbox button
  • On the front of the controller, press and hold the “pairing button” and let go until you see the Xbox button light flashing
  • Head to the Windows Start Menu, click on “Settings” then to “Devices”. The controller should be discovered by the PC’s Bluetooth already and if not move to the next step.
  • On the Devices menu, click on “Bluetooth & devices” then “Add Bluetooth or other devices”
  • Select Bluetooth then select the Xbox controller from the list to get it paired with the PC and you’re done.





How to connect Xbox Controller to PC via Adapter

To connect your Xbox controller to your PC wirelessly using a dongle(adapter), simply follow these steps:

  • Plug the dongle into your PC’s USB port.
  • Turn on your controller by pressing and holding the Xbox button until it lights up.
  • Press and hold the Pairing button on the controller until the Xbox button starts flashing rapidly.
  • Press and hold the Pairing button on the dongle until its LED starts flashing.
  • Once the two devices are in pairing mode, they will automatically connect.
  • You can start gaming right away, enjoying the convenience and freedom of wireless play on your PC without being tethered by cables.

This method is quick, easy, and hassle-free, providing you with a seamless gaming experience on your PC.





How to update Xbox controller on PC

To update the Xbox gamepad, you can either use the windows settings to check for new updates or the Xbox accessories app. To check for updates with Windows Settings, this is what to do;

  • Tap the “windows key” on the keyboard and click on “Settings” then “Devices”
  • Head to “Devices and Printers” then right-click on your already paired Xbox controller, and select “game controller settings” to proceed
  • Then to Properties > Change settings > Driver > Update driver
  • Finally click “Search automatically for updated driver software” for the system to search for any update available and install.




How to update the Xbox controller with Xbox Accessories App

How to update the Xbox controller with Xbox Accessories App
How to update the Xbox controller with Xbox Accessories App

Here is how to update the Xbox gamepad with the accessories app;

  1. Press the windows key and search for “Microsoft Store”
  2. Tap to open the window store
  3. Locate the “Search Bar” in the upper left corner and type “Xbox Accessories” then select to open
  4. Right here, you should have connected your Xbox controller to your Windows PC and if not please connect it
  5. The controller should be on the screen now if the device was connected successfully.
  6. Hit or tap on “Configure” if you want to change or customize your buttons and to “Update” the controller tap on the three dots.
  7. Here you should see three options, “No update available” “Update now”, “Vibrate this controller”, or “Turn on Copilot” if there is an update available, click update now to update the device to the current driver version
  8. This is how to update your Xbox controller on your Windows PC using the Xbox accessories app.




What if my Xbox controller still won’t connect to my PC after updating?

Its unusual for the controller to update and after wont be connecting to your PC. For example, if you first connected with the wireless connection, trying resetting the connection and connect again. And if you connected with a USB cable, check the cable, change the USB port and try again. Or you can simple restart the PC then connect again

Do I need to update my Xbox controller for every game I play on PC?

You don’t have to update the controller every time you play a game on PC, only update when you find it necessary or possibly having a connectivity or compatibility issues

Do I need to be connected to the internet to update my Xbox controller?

You cannot update your controller without the internet. You will need it to check the Xbox accessories app and also the windows PC system to find out if there is a latest firmware available.


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