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In 2024, Google’s most pressing product improvement has to be on the Pixel Tablet.

Google began introducing larger screens into its Pixel portfolio in 2023, although this came with some growing pains. Of all the tablets in its current portfolio, the Pixel Tablet is the one that Google has the most space for better as 2024 approaches, and it’s also perhaps the one that needs it the most.

As pointing out the shortcomings of the Pixel Tablet is not too difficult, let’s start with its advantages.
Compared to the competitors, Google’s efforts with this device used a different strategy. Rather than only introducing a large screen running Android, Google incorporated the fundamental concepts of their highly popular Nest Hub series into the Pixel Tablet. And even though it occasionally has bugs, I believe this was a clever manoeuvre that was well-executed. The Pixel Tablet offers far greater utility in the home—a place where other tablets really appear to struggle—when it is docked and performing a purpose when not in use as a tablet.

However, the greatest drawback of the Pixel Tablet is also brought about by that extra functionality. Due to its concentration on this novel use case, Google neglected to consider many of the real-world reasons why people purchase tablets. Tablets are undoubtedly purchased by people for use as media devices at home, but they are also purchased for productivity purposes.

It was a mistake for Google to decide to forego a keyboard accessory, a stylus, and other well-liked tablet accessories entirely. Ignoring those add-ons eliminates one of the most useful functions a tablet can have. Undoubtedly, this gadget is excellent for watching stuff at home, but even on occasion, I’d like to use it somewhere else. At first, I felt this was a clever strategy, and I still think Google made a decent choice by putting less of an emphasis on productivity use cases, but the sequel has to improve on this.

In a similar vein, I believe that Google made certain mistakes as a result of its exclusive concentration on the ideal use case for the Pixel Tablet.

For example, the 60Hz display works well for streaming video or as a Nest Hub, but it feels out of date for other uses. In terms of parents purchasing this so their children may use it for games, the Tensor G2 is a little underpowered for the price range and has a somewhat less than optimal battery life. Although it functions, it might and ought to be a bit better. At debut, the speaker dock’s bundle was quite alluring, but now that it’s been several months, it’s a little annoying that you can’t get the two independently.

These features are annoying because the Pixel Tablet accomplishes a lot of things well.

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