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Meizu introduces the MYVY Rings, wearable augmented reality technology with gesture control: Every detail

After smartwatches, smart rings have signaled the next stage of technological advancement. Prominent technology companies like Pi, Oura, and others have already revealed their take on smart rings, and Samsung is set to follow suit.

Meizu, a well-known Chinese electronics company, attracted a lot of attention when it unveiled its wearable, the Meizu MYVU Ring, which had augmented reality capabilities, at its Autumn Unbounded Ecological Conference. This smart ring was unveiled with the MYVU Discovery AR smart glasses under the recently unveiled MYVU brand. See more information about this clever ring by clicking this link.

The MYVU Ring has an IPX7 waterproof rating and is made of stainless steel and ceramic, according to a report by Gizmo China. Meizu claims that this remarkable resilience ensures that the smart ring will withstand commonplace elements like rain, splashes, and even immersion. The MYVU Ring’s adaptability, which accommodates a range of finger sizes with options from 17mm to 22mm, can provide comfort to users.

This ring stands out thanks to its simple gesture control functionality, which functions as an addition to the MYVU Discovery AR glasses. The MYVU Ring seeks to provide a seamless augmented reality experience by removing the need for users to take off their glasses. It does this by enabling simple finger movements for controlling music playback, navigating movies, responding to messages, and doing various tasks.

Using AR technology, users of the smart ring and glasses can interact in the most comfortable and natural way possible to get information or complete tasks. The MYVU Discovery AR glasses offer a variety of interaction methods, including touch infotainment interaction, application interaction, and Aisy voice interaction.

In addition, the combination of the Discovery AR glasses and the MYVU Ring produces a fully immersive AR experience. Orders for the MYVU Ring, which retails for CNY 399 ($56) in China, may now be placed on Meizu’s official website. It’s important to stress that the MYVU Discovery AR glasses and the smart ring are connected and function as an accessory.

With the launch of the MYVU smart ring, it is expected that Samsung and other companies will soon follow suit with their own offerings. Meizu’s MYVU brand represents a significant stride in advancing AR technology, even though the products were first introduced in the Chinese market. There are no indications that the products are available for sale in other countries.


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