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Review of PDF-XChange Editor: Secure, editable, and annotated PDF documents

The well-liked freemium PDF viewer for Microsoft Windows, PDF-XChange Viewer, gave rise to Tracker Software’s PDF-XChange Editor. The editor has a loyal user base, with many considering it to be the greatest substitute for Adobe Acrobat. Although that is up for debate, it is a valuable choice with expert editing skills.

There are two premium tiers for the editor. A single license for PDF-XChange Editor, which lets you generate and convert PDF files, annotate and secure documents, and edit text and graphics, costs $56. Advanced functionality like interactive form creation, virtual printing, and sophisticated image editing tools are added by PDF-XChange Pro, which is actually a combination of three separate tracking software products: PDF-XChange Standard, PDF-Tools, and PDF-XChange Editor Plus. One license is $121 in price. Both products have fully work free versions that only include a watermark in every document.

PDF-XChange Editor design and features

The editor has a ribbon interface, where the primary features are indicated across the top via tabs. When a tab is selected, a toolbar for that specific function appears. When a PDF is opened, a left sidebar appears with tools to view the current document’s thumbnails, attachments, comments, and other components. The main window shows open PDFs, and each document is shown in a separate tab.

You click the Edit Text button on the Home tab to make changes to a PDF’s text. Each paragraph’s surrounding text boxes become active as a result. To make that text editable and make your own adjustments, just click the box. Similar to this, object editing entails putting a box around the image to allow for image resizing and positioning.

A wide variety of annotation tools are available in the editor, such as callouts, sticky notes, drawing tools, highlighters, and stamps. Audio and video comments, as well as 3D annotations, are also available.

A number of options are available on the Protect tab for managing documents that contain sensitive data. By using encryption and passwords to restrict access, you can also allow editing permissions. Additionally, you can remove hidden components from the page, like links and information, and redact content.

Does PDF-XChange Editor merit purchase?

At first, PDF-XChange Editor may seem a bit daunting due to its dozen tabs on the toolbar. With a little intuitive searching, though, I was able to locate what I required. The Tracker Software website provides simple tutorials with step-by-step instructions for almost all-important tasks in case you’re not very experienced with PDF editors. You can access a comprehensive support forum via the software’s help menu for anything else.

While PDF-XChange Editor may not be as feature-rich as Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, it still offers very reasonable pricing for the majority of editing tasks.

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