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The new Channel Alerts function on WhatsApp will soon be available. Look it up and learn how to Utilize it.

The Meta-owned messaging programme WhatsApp is about to release a number of intriguing new features for Android users, such as Channel Alerts, date-based message searching, and the ability to conceal the app’s top bar and navigation labels while scrolling through messages.

In the upcoming days, WhatsApp will roll out the new Channel Alerts feature to all users, as per a report from WABetaInfo. The feature was first introduced in the WhatsApp Beta for Android upgrade. The report claims that by giving channel users access to real-time information regarding their channel’s suspension, the new tool will assist enhance their overall experience. Via the Channel Alerts tab, channel managers can request that WhatsApp reconsider their suspension in addition to using the feature to learn about policy violations.

According to the WABetaInfo report, the Channel Alerts feature will probably increase platform transparency by enabling users to pinpoint problems with their channels and specify the steps that need to be taken to fix them.

In the upcoming days, the social media behemoth will also be adding two more improvements to its Android app: the ability to search messages by date and the ability to hide navigation labels and the top app bar when scrolling down the screen.

According to the source, users will likely be able to see a larger view of their chats, call logs, community group chats, and channels if they choose to hide the top app bar and navigation labels. Concurrently, searching messages by date may improve the effectiveness and convenience of looking through chat history to locate particular conversations.

Notably, the messaging app is eager to work with Instagram through the addition of a new status update function. Another WABetaInfo rumor claims that WhatsApp users will soon be able to post their status updates as Instagram Stories directly, which may potentially save a tone of time.

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