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Users of WhatsApp can now pin messages. How to utilize the just added functionality.

Users will be able to pin individual or group chat messages with the new pinned message feature that Meta-owned WhatsApp is introducing to iOS and Android smartphones.


By enabling users to pin messages in individual or group conversations, WhatsApp may help users save a significant amount of time that would have been spent reading through messages. But unlike other messaging applications, WhatsApp only allows messages to be pinned for a maximum of 30 days; the default is 7 days, and a message can be pinned for as little as 24 hours.



How to pin messages on WhatsApp?

Users can pin any kind of communication in a chat, including text, polls, emoji, and more, according to the messaging platform. To pin a message, navigate to the menu, select “Pin,” and then choose how long the message will stay pinned. You can either hold the chat you want to pin on your Android device or swipe right on the chat you want to pin on your iPhone.


Group administrators will have the option of allowing any member to pin a message, or just admins. According to TechCrunch, it’s unclear if WhatsApp will add the pin chat function to WhatsApp channels.

Notably, users of well-known WhatsApp rivals like iMessage and Telegram may already pin messages for both individual and group chats.


Recently, WhatsApp has concentrated on introducing new features to its app. The Meta-owned business last week unveiled “View Once Voice Messages,” a new privacy-focused feature. With the help of this new function, users can send recipients voice messages containing sensitive information that they can only hear once.


Furthermore, the social media platform is reportedly focusing on enhancing its interaction with Instagram with a new feature that will let users post status updates as stories straight to Instagram, according to a recent WhatsApp Beta Info report.

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