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8 QUICK Steps on How to hard reset Vizio tv [2023]

How to hard reset Vizio tv

So, you want to learn How to hard reset Vizio tv, like take everything on the TV back to when you first bought it, I mean the original default settings. Well, this post or article goes deep into hard resetting your Vizio Tv and getting it back working properly again.



There are many reasons to hard reset your TV, maybe some of the apps giving you trouble or whatever the problem is that requires a hard reset. You should have your TV working again after resetting it.


how to reset Vizio tv
how to reset Vizio tv




how to reset Vizio tv

Now, lets get to the steps to help you hard reset your Vizio Smart Tv.

  1. Get your Vizio Tv remote
  2. On the remote, you find the “menu button” and tap on it to begin
  3. On your TV screen, the “TV Settings” should be open with a list of options
  4. From the TV Setting Menu, look through it and identity the “System Button” move the cursor to it and tap “Okay” to open
  5. From the “System” menu, scroll down to “Reset & Admin” and Press “Okay” from the remote to open
  6. Here you will be shown with a list of options, since our goal here is to hard reset the TV
  7. Move the cursor to “Reset to Factory Settings” and tap or press “Okay” from the remote.
  8. There should be a message cautioning you on the factory reset. Go ahead and move the cursor to the “reset button” to proceed



After you have hit the reset button, your TV should reboot, please wait for some few seconds for the process to finish. When the hard reset is complete, you can set up the TV again to suite your preferences.



how to hard reset Vizio tv without remote
how to hard reset Vizio tv without remote


how to hard reset Vizio tv without remote

You can hard reset your Vizio TV without the remote, and all you need to do is locate the buttons at the back of the tv. To do that, please follow these instructions below;

  1. Turn to the back of the TV, and locate these buttons. “The Power button”, “Volume Up”, “Volume Down”, and the “Input Button”
  2. When you have located these buttons, please do not turn “OFF” the TV, Keep it “ON”
  3. Press and hold the “Volume Down” and “Input Button” together for a few seconds or until you see a notification at the top of the screen giving the instructions of what to do next. You should see something like this “Press the Input Button for 10 seconds”
  4. When done correctly, this message should be displaced “Memory is being cleared. The display will reset shortly”
  5. After this step, the TV should take sometime to get the hard reset to process.

The TV should boot up or restart a couple of times. When this happens, don’t worry, the hard reset is getting done.


do vizio tvs have a reset button

Yes, there about 4 button located at the back of most Vizio tv and they there for cases when the remote is faulty and can be used to reset the TV. The Power, Volume Up and Down, and Source. These button can be used to reset the TV following the right combinations.


Is there a hard reset for Vizio TV?

do vizio tvs have a reset buttonYes, Vizio TVs have hard reset options which can be done on the TV or by combining buttons at the back of the TV.


Where are the manual buttons on a VIZIO TV?

The manual buttons are found at the back of Vizio TVs. To notice them kindly look at back of the TV or get your manual book and locate it.



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