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4 QUICK Steps on How to turn ON AirPlay on Vizio TV [2023]



How to turn on AirPlay on Vizio TV

How to turn on AirPlay on Vizio TV? Apple iPhone users who want to share their phone content with their Vizio Smart TV, there is a way to go by it and it does not require much effort. Note that this does not only apply to iPhones but other apple devices such as iPods, Mac, or your iPad. You can simply screen mirror it on your TV.


turn on airplay on vizio smart tv

For most Vizio TVs, the AirPlay mode is always turned on by default but sometimes it could simply be off and require you to do it.  In this article, I will guide you on how to turn on airplay on Vizio smart tv.


How to turn on AirPlay on Vizio TV
How to turn on AirPlay on Vizio TV


How to get AirPlay on Vizio TV

Okay, let’s move on to how you can get the AirPlay and screen mirror on your Apple iOS device.


  1. Grab your Vizio smart TV remote
  2. On the remote, you should spot the “Home Button” This button should have an arrow printed on it. Press on it to get to the Home Screen.
  3. Use the arrow buttons on the remote and move the cursor to “Extras.”
  4. On the Extras Menu, you will be shown a lot of options. Since our goal is to turn on the Apple AirPlay, kindly move the cursor to it and “Press Enter” to open
  5. Right on the Apple AirPlay Menu, the AirPlay should be already highlighted. Kindly hit the Enter button again to turn it on.
  6. You should see the Apple AirPlay logo in the top right corner of the screen. this indicates that AirPlay is turned on.



airplay vizio

Share your iPhone contents directly to your Vizio Smart with the apple airplay vizio setup. Turn your TV into your iPhone and take advantage of the bigger tv screen for more comfort



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Can I use AirPlay on Vizio?

The latest Vizio Smart TVs support Apple AirPlay 2, which makes it possible to use AirPlay with your Apple iOS device. So, the answer to this question is yes. 

How do I pair my iPhone to my Vizio TV?

To be able to pair your iPhone to Vizio TV, you need to make sure that the iPhone and TV are connected on the same wifi network.  Take note of these and you will be okay to pair your iPhone to your Vizio Tv. 

Why is my Vizio TV not showing up on AirPlay?

If your Vizio TV is not showing up on AirPlay, it could mean the Apple AirPlay Settings are turned off. You have to turn the settings back on for the TV to show up on AirPlay.

Why can’t I screen mirror to my Vizio TV?

If you can’t screen mirror to your Vizio TV, this could mean a few things;
You’re not connected on the same wifi network with your TV and iPhone, or any other iOS device you’re using.
The Apple AirPlay mode is turned off on the TV settings, which means you will have to turn it back on for it to work again.


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