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[Repaired] Some users’ Google Messages 2024 scheduling send is broken.

Some, but not all, Google Messages users are reporting that they are unable to schedule sends beyond 2024 as we approach the new year.

Update 1/1/23: Scheduling is completely available for 2024 and has returned to normal as of January 1. Sending messages on the dot can be fairly crucial, so even if this was an isolated incident, Google should probably address it for the upcoming year.

Original 12/31/23: Some users have been scheduling messages, such as “happy new year,” however they are finding that when they swipe through the calendar, they are unable to pick anything after today. Though, for some reason, December 31, 2024 is offered as a schedule send option, those future dates in the Google Messages picker are greyed out.

The text “Date now allowed” will show up in red when you try to manually input a date using the keyboard.

As a final option, users experiencing this problem may find success using the “Tomorrow, 8:00 AM” preset. Beta testing should begin the following week once the holiday break concludes in order to fix this. We need to check if this problem persists after we are in 2024.

Other Android apps that have scheduling/date picker features, including Gmail, are not affected by this issue.
Although we’ve been able to reproduce the problem on one of our devices using the most recent beta release, there are a few instances of this occurring. But on another phone running the Messages preview, everything works just fine, and not everyone is affected by this bothersome glitch right now.


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